Bere Island

A fantastic job was done by Mary Hunter in organising a delightful weekend of diving at Bere Island, which is situated off the coast of Castletownbere, Co. Cork. A lot of hard work was put in by the manager of the weekend. Plans A to Z were dropped for various reasons (mainly logistic), forcing Mary to come up with plans AA, AB etc. for the eager members of Cahir Dive Club (CDC). All divers arrived safely on the island on Friday evening (22nd May) with thanks to Mr. Murphy’s ferry service.

The designated tour guide for the weekend, Aidan Webster took the CDC members to “Lone Hort Bay” on Saturday morning for the first dive of the weekend. Weather was poor at first but quickly improved and visibility was exceptional. Sea life at this bay was bountiful. Sea urchins, sea cucumbers, dog fish, star fish, clams and much more were on display twenty metres underwater for all to see.

The second dive of the day was at Greenanne Rock. The boat drivers on this dive decided to test the balance and “holding on” skills of the divers on the way out to the dive site. There was a near fatal incident with the box of chocolate fingers nearly falling over board but Mary managed to rescue them just in time. On this second dive the Cahir Dive Club members entered a kelp forest underwater, but still managed to see lobsters, spider crabs, pollock and rass. While divers were exploring their way through the kelp forest the boat crew occupied themselves by taking pictures of the seals that were wandering around the area. That evening hungry divers enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the head chef Ciara and Michelle.

The third dive site of the weekend was the Zorro Zaurre wreck on Sunday. The Zorro Zaurre was a Spanish Trawler which foundered on Christmas Day 2000. This wreck lies off the east end of Bere Island between Roancarrigbeg and Roancarrigbeg Rocks. The divers went to fifteen metres to view the 250 tonne wreck. Colourful soft coral, a school of pollock, sea urchins and masses of baby jellyfish were observed on this final dive of the weekend. All in all everyone had a brilliant time and all but the tough skinned Aidan O’Connor came back a little bit sun burned.

Cahir Dive Club would like to thank Donny Keating of Cahir Motors for supplying them with a jeep to tow the boat, and of course Garrit for getting it there and back safely.

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