On Friday 26th June four divers and three non-divers departed Cahir for a weekend of diving and sunbathing in the Gaeltacht area of the Ballinskelligs, south west Kerry. The Ballinskelligs is a village in the south-west of the Iveragh peninsula in the Gaeltacht region of Co. Kerry, famous for the rocks, Skellig Beag, an ancient monastic colony and Skellig Michael, a peaceful spiritual idyll and a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. The town itself is also the site of an an attractive beach and other historic features.

Three dive sites were explored over the course of the weekend. The first dive was done on the north side of Puffin Island. Star fish, pollock, mackeral and jellyfish were the main attraction for the divers, while boat crew eagerly counted puffins.

The second dive of the weekend was Skellig Beag. On arriving to the Skellig six seals were resting on a rock by the Skellig Beag and joined the divers underwater, proving to be very playful. Amused dives also saw crustaceans, and patrolling dogfish.

The third dive took place late Saturday afternoon with plenty more sea life on display. The highlight of this last trip for the divers was the basking sharks seen on the way back to the main land. Basking shark are the second largest fish in the sea after the whale shark and are seasonal visitors to the coastline…lucky for Cahir divers, they only feed on plankton!

Much thanks goes to head chef, Jane for providing delicious meals throughout the weekend for the hungry divers. Much appreciation and thanks also goes to Willie, a local in the area, for coming on the scene with his tractor when difficulty arose due to high winds when trying to get the boat out of the water.

Cahir Dive Club members will be seen taking part in the Clonmel River Fest, the “Tractor Tyre Tube Race” on Saturday 11th July. Two teams from the club are entered, The Blue Hole Divers and The Mugards Bay Divers. Make sure to come and cheer them along!

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